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There’s only one planet.
Mind your footprint.

Be aware of the impact of your stays.
nøytrall shows your energy and water consumption and how to reduce your impact.
Get rewards and be more sustainable.

Start reducing your footprint



Summary of Key Features

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Stay Monitoring

Connect your stay, and we show you your energy and water consumption. See each day, hour to hour, and a summary of the entire stay. Keep track of all your visits.

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Ecological Footprint Rating

We calculate your footprint based on your consumptions and hotel characteristics. See how you compare with sustainable levels.

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Improvement Tips and Suggestions

Based on your rating, we will help you do better. Learn tips and tricks on how to save energy and water for your next stays and your daily routine.

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Points and Levels System

By being sustainable we reward you with points. Lots of points. Keep performing and level up to help save the planet.

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Friends and Corporate Competition

Never lose sight of how sustainable your friends are. Compete with them for more points and rewards. Or, if you are going on a corporate retreat, challenge your colleagues to be the ultimate sustainable guest.

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Reward Marketplace

You have accumulated your points, and now you are wondering what to do with them? Find out the incredible, and sustainable rewards our partners have lined up for you, and carry the green vibe with you all the time.


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Start reducing your footprint